Global Telemanagement, Inc.

A United States based software development company. They design, market, sell and install proprietary telecommunications management systems to the wireline and wireless service provider industry.

Dale Axelrod Cartoons

A San Francisco based cartoonist showing his talents and specialties.

Bullet Racing Team

A Formula Mazda racing team from San Clemente, CA looking for a couple of new sponsors and promoting their racing series at the same time.

Olive Crest Homes & Services for Abused Children

Olive Crest has grown to become one of the largest networks of care and treatment for abused children in the state of California. More than 10,000 at-risk children and their families have been served by the caring staff and volunteers of Olive Crest.

Ancient Bristlecone Pine

An award winning page by Leonard Miller of net.ways. A good example of how information can be published on the Web. This site has CGI scripts that display random images, interactive forms, hidden records of hits, JavaScript - and more.

Western Institute of Science & Health

This college wanted their entire catalog, along with a brochure to be placed online with a minimum of graphics so the entire site would load very quickly. We think this has been achieved, and their catalog index has been completely hyperlinked.

Frazier Technologies, Inc.

This consulting firm wanted a presence on the Web with outlines of their services, resumes, and qualifications. We got them started and they are now maintaining their own website.